Your Writing is Terrible

Hang on for five seconds and let me explain what I mean here. Yes, your writing is terrible. But so is mine. So is everyone else’s. Even those big, best-selling authors. Everyone is a shitty writer.

It’s called perspective. The reason why you’re a shitty writer, why I am, is because¬†we’re the ones looking at our work.¬†If we handed it off to our mothers, our grandmothers, we’d be the best authors in the entire world. If we handed it off to a publisher, we could ‘need some work’ be rejected, or accepted. It’s all about perspective.

Does that mean your writing is perfect and you should stop trying to improve? No. Your writing is still terrible. To you. Perhaps to your audience. Regardless of the fact that someone (in this case your mother) will always love your writing, you have to keep improving.

That’s where the divide pops in. It’s a line between those who will get somewhere and those who won’t. You need to be able to see all of your terrible writing to understand what’s good about it. If you can’t see the bad, how can you see the good? And if all you can see is the good, how will you fix the bad? It’s a fine balance to figure out. You don’t want to get too discouraged, but you can’t let yourself on this high and mighty horse of ‘I CANNOT DO ANY WRONG’.

What I like to do is find things I did well and things I tend to be iffy on. Dialogue tends to be a strong point of mine, but I also tend to have a pound and a half of repetition in my first and second drafts. No one wants a pound of repetition. Sometimes I catch it on my own, other times I need someone else to help me catch all those pesky uses of the same words.

Keep writing, you’ll find your strengths and your weakness. You’ll find that balance too.


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