Rewrite Challenge

I’ve decided that it’s time to revisit some of my older writings and give them a good, thorough, heavy rewrite. Top to bottom, complete redo.

Why? Because I’ve been so busy writing fresh, new stories, that I kind of feel like I forgot that all writers start somewhere. I’ve forgotten how far I’ve personally come. I’ve been so wrapped up in my editing and rewriting and disliking my own work that I don’t realize my leaps and bounds and improvements. I’ve got my blinders on in regards to my own writing.

Hell, I got published this year and I’m still worried about forever being a ‘dream writer’.

Not only that, but it’ll be a great way to get some content out to people who don’t know my writing style. It’s a fun little challenge that will make me feel better and give you some fresh, wonderful content.

I’ve picked out five ‘shorts’ (I hesitate to call them shorts because they’re mostly 200-500 word pieces, but they’re not flash fiction either. They’re the drabbles of someone who is figuring out what writing is.) from 2011 and one short from 2014 (this one is actually a full short story, beginning, middle, and end). I’ll be writing down the titles, throwing them in a hat, and taking a stab at the first one that pops up.

Once I’m done with these six, I might dig through some of the scraps of paper I kept with ‘stories’ on them. I think that will be a harder challenge, considering my paper writing is horrid. Even now, I can only bang out a few sentences that are horrendously lackluster on paper before switching to my laptop for better results.

Have you ever tried a challenge like this, or are you interested in giving it a go? I’d love to see someone else revamp something from their childhood that they might have permanently┬álocked away.

Wish me the best of luck! I’m hoping to have some stories out in the next couple of weeks for you guys.


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