Write. Because one day, you’ll be dead

It’s true. A little morbid, but true. I’m not talking about a legacy here, I’m talking about writing because you want to and need to. There’s a drive under your fingertips and ideas in your brain that won’t let you stop, I know there is.

So don’t, because one day you won’t be able to write anymore. At all.

Who cares if your stuff never gets officially published by publishing company? There are other places your can post your writing. You’ve got DeviantartArchive of Our OwnScribophileWattpad, and a thousand other places to put down words where people will see them and appreciate them. There are places to get noticed that don’t involve being published, where people will see and appreciate your work. So don’t stop just because you got one rejection letter.

Sure, this might not be what you want, but it’s a place to start. You can work your way up to the big, grand publishing world. Even though that isn’t what matters, what matters is the fact that you’re writing. That’s good enough.

Writing is the first step, the one that you never really leave. You always bounce back to it. Don’t give up because you can’t keep up with ‘the best’. I know, for so many writers, it’s got something to it that keeps you going.

So keep writing, before you’re dead and you can’t.



2 thoughts on “Write. Because one day, you’ll be dead

  1. Have you read about H.P. Lovecraft’s life? He is a major influence on modern media, not just writers, but because he didn’t believe in his own work he never saw the influence it could have within his own lifetime.1st step is just writing. 2nd is just sharing. 3rd writing with the purpose. 4th sharing with purpose. 5th get better and never give up.

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    1. See, I’ve been told by tons of people to look into his life. I keep meaning to and I never do. Mostly because I’m just a little terrible :’)
      I totally agree with you on the step points. I can also understand how Lovecraft felt when it came to his own work. I don’t know many writers who have entire confidence in their writting.


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