The Little Writer that Could

I think every writer went through a stage where they felt like being published or recognized as a writer wasn’t going to happen, that no matter what they did they would fade into the background and never catch the eye of an agent, an editor, a publisher. It was someone else’s fantasy. Someone else was going to hit the ‘big time’. It was never, no matter what, going to be you.

And that’s a terrible way to feel.

Here’s the thing, and I learned it through trial and error, it’s easy to give up. It’s hard to keep going.

Introducing the nightmare inducing train engine:


This is the little engine that could from the children’s book, “The Little Engine that Could”. A quick rundown, he’s the smallest engine and no one believes he can do what needs to be done. But he does. Against all odds, he does.

I feel like this little engine is an important engine. A writer shouldn’t be lost, shouldn’t feel that giving up is the only way to be happy. Writing should make a writer happy. Even though writing can be a hair pulling, mind-numbing, terrifying process at times. The reason why a writer writes is to write. But the secondary, ever present, reason why writers write is because they want to be read (though, this is a topic for another day).

It took me a long time to get to the point where I’m writing because I enjoy it. I’m working on stories that catch me and I’m working with characters, topics, and settings that have me interested. My interest in my writing is the thing that takes it to the next level, it’s what makes my voice strong and my characters interesting.

So, write because you can and write because you could. It’ll happen and you’ll get there. Puff and trudge on until there’s a point where you made it. Because you will. Once you start writing things you love, you will.



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