February Writing Challenge Week 1

Long time since I’ve updated! Unfortunately, I’ve been stupid busy with work and everything like that. So I decided to pile more busy on top of it all! Because, never enough busy. Anyways, to today’s topic:

I’m one of those writers who has a little notebook I take with me everywhere. In this little notebook I have dialogue snippets, story ideas, titles, that sort of thing. Reason being: I’m not always in a place that I can write and I don’t always remember the little bits and bobs that I would love to write about or that inspire me.

So this book has become a saviour of a sort because it stores all of these random little tidbits that I haven’t used.

Here’s where the problem comes in. I have so many short stories I’m in the process of finishing and editing, plus the first draft of my novel, that I never get around to enacting these ideas.

Hence the birth of the February Writing Challenge. I’m going to write an entire (or as much as possible) short story every day for the entire month. Will I die? Possibly. But it wil get done to the best of my abilities. For the entire month of February, my blog is going to be focused on this challenge. So you’ll get weekly thoughts, feelings, and updates as to whether or not I’m failing or succeeding this challenge. Woot woot!

February 1st:

Title: Black Magic
Basic Plot: A young hedge witch, Sage (because I am oh so clever), contemplates how she came to be part of ‘normal’ society after being raised nomadically. Though she’s been taught that black magic always takes more than it gives, her loneliness and hopeless with her current place in life drives her to use it.
Word Count: 2,295
Complete: YES

February 2nd:

Title: A Love for Harold
Basic Plot: Poppy is eighty-three and spends most of her time in her home, caring for her partner, Harold.¬†She knows that he’s sick and something needs to be done about the illness withering him away…but there’s something else deeply wrong with Harold, and he remains behind locked doors in her basement.
Word Count: 1,643
Complete: YES

February 3rd:

Title: N/A
Basic Plot: Brianna has loved water since she was a little girl. Though she’d never been to the ocean, she watched every documentary¬†about it that she could get her hands on. The lake, just across the street from her home, was her haven. Until Jeese, her twin brother, drowned (subject to change).
Word Count: N/A


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