February Writing Challenge Week 2

This week was not as productive as I hoped it was going to be. Honestly, I was rather disappointed with myself. Despite that, I got some material to work with and I’ve got some stories down. The point of this is to write, and I’ve been writing. So that, in itself, is a success.

Even though I didn’t do the best that I wanted to do when it came to writing my own stories, I was able to get a ton of critting done on Scrib (probably my favourite writing community of all time) and revise one of my older shorts. I’m hoping to binge submit a couple of my stockpiled stories by the end of this month.

Oh! And one of my little flash fiction pieces ‘came out’. Becoming Me is a piece I personally fell in love with. It’s a literary flash fiction piece, my little odd ball baby, and I love it. Anyways! Results for my challenge this week:

February 3rd:

Title: The Lake Bed
Basic Plot: Brianna has loved water since she was a little girl. The lake, just across the street from her home, was her haven. She was part of the swim team, she was finally going to travel across half of the country for a swim competition. Until Jeese, her twin brother, drowned in that very lake. And though she’s banned from the lake and swimming, she’s down there every night looking for his body in the water.
Word Count: 2,243
Complete: YES

February 4th:

Title: One Last Adventure
Basic Plot: Alexander is verging on fifty-three, and while that isn’t old exactly, he’s starting to lose who he once was. Unable to recall certain people and events, he makes the drastic choice to escape the care home and discover who he is.
Word Count: 589
Complete: NO
Will I Continue: Probably not. Though I enjoyed the original premise, I really lost my juice for this guy.

February 5th:

Title: Purgers
Basic Plot: Salvi’s a purger. Whenever the sirens shatter the night and the monsters descend from the heavens, he joins the ranks of salvagers who gather valuables and goods from the homes that are destroyed. But he has morals. He never takes from families still alive and he’ll only give or sell to those in need. He doesn’t want to spend his life, safe under the Dome that protects the rich. He’d rather be purging the streets.
Word Count: 243
Complete: NO
Will I Continue: Yes! I absolutely fell in love with this concept. But I want to really build on it. So I’ll be during it into a longer short, around 8,000 words.

February 6th:

Title: The Need to Be Okay
Basic Plot: An unnamed MC battles with feelings of being on autopilot, as if strings are linked through every part of his being and forcing his body to function.
Word Count: 1,250
Complete: YES

February 7th:

Title: Ember
Basic Plot: Aithne is a goddess of flame and fire, of war and passion. Once worshipped by thousands, her people have disappeared and her temples are crumbling. Lying in the basin that used to hold a burning pyre, she knows that she will die. Just like a thousand gods before her and a thousand gods after her. But the eve of her death is a perfect time to recall the war that caused her demise.
Word Count: 1,024
Complete: NO
Will I Continue: Yes! I’m actually almost done this one. It will probably round out around 2,000 words.

February 8th:

Basic Plot: People disappear all the time
Word Count:

February 9th:

Basic Plot: Atlantis themed story
Word Count:

February 10th: I think I’m going to play hard core catch up after work today. Because I can.

Basic Plot:
Word Count:


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