February Writing Challenge Week 3

This week was mostly catch-up and I’ll be starting off next week with more of it. Despite that, I felt a lot better creatively and was able to flesh out some ideas I’ve had spinning in my head for a while now. The dates they were written on are liars, I often wrote two or more short stories in a day and then skipped a few here and there, but it makes more sense for me to keep track of them in this manner.

I’ve only written one straight up flash fiction, which is rather disappointing for me personally, but hopefully that’ll change. The editing binge I’ll be on after this challenge might kill me a little, but it’ll also be a great creative recharge after this whole endeavour.

Onwards to the next week!

February 7th:

Title: Ember
Basic Plot: Aithne is a goddess of flame and fire, of war and passion. Once worshipped by thousands, her people have disappeared and her temples are crumbling. Lying in the basin that used to hold a burning pyre, she knows that she will die. Just like a thousand gods before her and a thousand gods after her. But the eve of her death is a perfect time to recall the war that caused her demise.
Word Count: 2,022
Complete: YES.

February 8th:

Title: Corner of Fifth and Fourth
Basic Plot: People disappear all the time, it’s a human art that many unintentionally master before their passing. A man collects all the moments between here and gone, wearing them like shards of mirrors on his coat and under the brim of his hat.
Word Count: 1,300
Complete: YES.

February 9th:

Basic Plot: Atlantis themed story
Word Count:
Complete: I really haven’t been feeling this prompt, so I’ve left it and decided to work on other stories instead.

February 10th:

Title: Flowers for the Dead
Basic Plot: Eva and Arron are twins that don’t match. Together, they travel the realms and explore life and death. While playing with the souls for the dead, Eva decides they need a special garden of life for those that are lost and wandering.
Word Count: 1,953
Complete: YES

February 11th:

Title: Words for Amy
Basic Plot: I wrote a story last year (it’s being reviewed for potential publication right now actually) titled My Regular Joe and I ended up falling in love with Joe. So I decided to rewind the clock and explore his relationship with his friend, Amy (the narrator of the previous story), before the events of My Regular Joe. 
Word Count: 2,653
Complete: YES

February 12th:

Title: The Eatery
Basic Plot:  It’s a popular restaurant, everyone in town knows it and enjoys the food. But those who touch the meat dishes go missing, and this young patron is about to find out why.
Word Count: 2,314
Complete: YES

February 13th:

Title: John-Monster
Basic Plot: Tony’s mom is always warning him about the monsters outside, the ones that will steal his skin and his brain. But his brother John doesn’t believe in the monsters. He sneaks out to find their dad. And when John comes back, Tony can’t tell if there’s a monster resting just under the surface.
Word Count: 2,381
Complete: YES

February 14th:

Title: Winter Sun
Basic Plot: I’ve been wanting to play around with second person perspectives. So this was a short dabble in that. The Blue Moon and the Night Sky have both laid their curses upon you. It’s up to the Winter Sun to reverse their powerful magics.
Word Count: 505
Complete: YES


February 15th

Basic Plot: What terrible truth does a man in a business suit really hide?
Word Count:

February 16th:

Basic Plot: Fantasy story with tree men.
Word Count:


February 17th:

Basic Plot: There is a man without a corpse.
Word Count:

February 18th:

Basic Plot: A grandfather watch.
Word Count:


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