Project Updates: Uprising Review, Mr. Billy, and more!

I’ve been stupid busy lately, hence the lack of updates and the fact that this is appearing on a Wednesday. I’m going to resume posting every Saturday starting this week though! So we’ll be back on schedule. But for now, I’m going to throw a general update at you guys regarding my current projects!


The Uprising Review

In conjunction with some fantastic writer friend of mine, W.O. CassityStephen WillisEveritt Foster, The Uprising Review has been born. The Uprising is a literary magazine dedicated to promoting quality writing and free speech within creative writing. We all agreed there was a need for this after noting a trend where writers were restricted from writing what they wanted to or their art was only published if it included certain topics. There were even a few cases where a writer, themselves, needed to be X gender, sexuality, colour, etc.

The Uprising vows to judge a writer’s work by the merit of their writing, not the colour of a writer’s skin or their gender or sexuality. We want to encourage writers to write what they chose and find their own voice without fear of being rejected simply because their opinion is unconventional or different.

We’re currently accepting submissions with a plan to launch the stories themselves later this Spring! If you’re a writer or know someone who is, feel free to direct them to the submission guidelines on I’d love to read some more wonderful stories. And I can tell you that I’ve already read some absolutely amazing stories.

Mr Billy: An Adult Picture Book 

I’m really excited about this project and it is well under way! Previously, Mr. Billy was a work in progress with an incomplete story and artwork still in the concept stage. There has been a large amount of progress put into this story and I’m really glad about it!

The rough draft of the story has been completed and it’s currently going through a third round of edits. Once this round of edits has been complete, I’ll be sending it through a round of critiques with a fantastic site called ScribophileAfter some edits based on those critiques and some more tweaks, the story itself will be ready for formatting. I’m planning on self-publishing this guy. There will most likely be an E-Book as well as an on-demand print edition.

Artwork has also been finalized! Cover has been coloured and finished, all the black and white pictures for the inside have been completed! I’m really excited to continue this with my grandpa and I’m really excited to look into doing some other projects with him. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get another short story edited and illustrated with his help.

The Underneath: A Horror Fantasy Novel

So I realized the other day that I’ve never mentioned the Underneath to the people following my blog. I figured later was better than never!

The Underneath is the novel I am currently working on. I’ve completed about a third of the eventual goal and it is currently a rough draft. I’m hoping to have the rough drafted edited and finished by the end of the year so I can start beta readers by the end.

Basic premise:

Hiding in every child’s closet is a monster and it is very real. Peter’s monster tends to come and go. But it disappears for good when his best friend, Noelia, manages to befriend the one hiding in her closet. Which is all well and good.

Until Noelia winds up dead and his monster comes back to finish the job it started.

Fearing for his life, Peter dives under his bed. A tunnel appears and leads him to the Underneath. A carnival themed wonderland at night and a horror filled death trap during the day. Banding with a small group of surviving children, Peter knows he has to fight back or else the monsters that haunt the day will be the last thing he ever knows.

He just wants to go home, back to his warm bed and his dog.



That’s about all of the projects I currently have for you guys! Short stories are out in submission limbo right now, so no updates there. I’m hoping to announce a new publication soon, but we all know how long and tedious the submission process can be. Anyways, I’ll be back again on Saturday with some sort of crazy topic, I’m sure.


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