Don’t Forget to Recharge

First off: Special Announcement! My sci-fi short, “Glitch”, has been accepted for publication! It should be out sometime in June, so more information as it comes.

Haha, so this comes from to you because of one thing: I recently went on vacation and saw the ocean for the very first time. I’ve never been before and was presented with the opportunity, so I took it. And damn guys, it was great.

Which leads us quite nicely into today’s topic. I’ve noticed that I constantly forget to let myself recharge. Both physically and mentally. I’m constantly pushing myself to get more things done and stressing myself out. Let me tell you right now, this isn’t a good way to live. One should always make time to recharge, especially as a creative writer.

Now, I’m not saying you need to forgo writing entirely. I sure as hell brought a ton of editing with me. But sometimes you need to let those brain juices settle. If you’re constantly draining yourself of your creative juice, how do you expect to write a good story?

Some of the best pieces (in my opinion) that I’ve written have come out of a stalemate between me and my creative brain. I’ve put off writing for whatever reason, it’s never a good reason, and I’m ‘forcing’ myself to get back into it. But, bam. Out comes this amazing piece that I wouldn’t have come up with if I hadn’t taken that creative break.

It’s often these pieces that need the least editing and polish after throwing them up in a fit of typing. Clearly, this won’t work for everyone, but taking a well needed break can really loosen up those writing muscles. I know I needed it and I’ve felt much better about my writing since I’ve come back.

For me, it was a good way to reconnect with my writing and figure out my ‘why’. I needed to sit back and think about why I came back to writing in the first place and the reasons that kept me writing. I was so obsessed with sending out to publishers, getting pieces finished and processed, that I entirely forgot that writing is supposed to be fun.

I know that some people like writing as their job, hell I would love to be a full-time writer, but I also need to let myself – and my writing – breathe. If I’m not breathing, I doubt my writing is as up to snuff as it could be.

So take a break and figure out where you need to be. Perhaps it isn’t writing right in that moment but writing a few days, or a week, after that moment. Let your juices settle and figure out your ‘whys’. Also, see the ocean. It’s great.


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