Realistic Endings

I don’t like nice endings, not in my fiction anyways. I hate the whole ‘hero gets the girl despite all odds’ and ‘good guys always win’. Well, I hate it when it’s a constant. What I look for in a story: a good, solid, and entirely realistic ending.

If there’s a war and my main hero is throwing himself headlong into the fight, he better get scarred and he better lose a buddy or six along the way. He better be emotionally traumatized for life. On the flip side, if my hero ‘dies’ he better not come back (thank you action movies for ruining every dramatic moment ever).

When I read a story, watch a movie, or write a story, I want my ending to make sense and be as real as possible. Deal with the devil? Of course there’s going to be some nasty consequences and buddy boy who made the contract won’t feel nice about it afterwards. My horror stories don’t end with a pretty rescue. They may not always end in death (though they most often do), but there’s something left afterwards.

Clearly, this isn’t for everyone. I don’t expect it to be. But it’s what I like and what I prefer. Here’s why:

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Don’t Forget to Recharge

First off: Special Announcement! My sci-fi short, “Glitch”, has been accepted for publication! It should be out sometime in June, so more information as it comes.

Haha, so this comes from to you because of one thing: I recently went on vacation and saw the ocean for the very first time. I’ve never been before and was presented with the opportunity, so I took it. And damn guys, it was great.

Which leads us quite nicely into today’s topic. I’ve noticed that I constantly forget to let myself recharge. Both physically and mentally. I’m constantly pushing myself to get more things done and stressing myself out. Let me tell you right now, this isn’t a good way to live. One should always make time to recharge, especially as a creative writer.

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Alternative Story Telling

First thing I want to do here is clarify what I mean by alternative storytelling in this context. For today’s discussion, I mean medium that is not writing. Examples: film, video games, photography. I’ll be doing a post about alternative storytelling in fiction at a later date.

Now that we have that cleared up, allow me to rant.

I recently became obsessed with a visual novel on my PlayStation Vita. Novel in question? Here’s the trailer.  The basic story of the game: you play as a young woman named Cardia. She has a poison in her veins that makes it absolutely impossible for her to touch anything else or she’ll melt them. Even her clothing needs to be doused in a special chemical to prevent them from melting. While she’s about to be kidnapped by the government, a thief named Lupin steals her away. And so begins her adventure to cure the poison in her veins and find her father. Also, romance. There are five different romance options in the game, each of them exploring an entirely different alternative future for these characters. If you play all five (and trust me, I did), you’ll end up linking all of the potential futures and discovering some really interesting tidbits about the world.
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February Writing Challenge Week 1

Long time since I’ve updated! Unfortunately, I’ve been stupid busy with work and everything like that. So I decided to pile more busy on top of it all! Because, never enough busy. Anyways, to today’s topic:

I’m one of those writers who has a little notebook I take with me everywhere. In this little notebook I have dialogue snippets, story ideas, titles, that sort of thing. Reason being: I’m not always in a place that I can write and I don’t always remember the little bits and bobs that I would love to write about or that inspire me.

So this book has become a saviour of a sort because it stores all of these random little tidbits that I haven’t used.

Here’s where the problem comes in. I have so many short stories I’m in the process of finishing and editing, plus the first draft of my novel, that I never get around to enacting these ideas.

Hence the birth of the February Writing Challenge. I’m going to write an entire (or as much as possible) short story every day for the entire month. Will I die? Possibly. But it wil get done to the best of my abilities. For the entire month of February, my blog is going to be focused on this challenge. So you’ll get weekly thoughts, feelings, and updates as to whether or not I’m failing or succeeding this challenge. Woot woot!

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Gab Interview with George Spisak

A Natural Reaction

George publishes under both Kyra and George Spisak, depending on genre. She’s up too late doing too many things, but usually gets at least one or two things done before passing out with the light still on. Her list of published stories can be found here (   You can follow George on Gab at

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Gab Interview with Author Russell Newquist

A Natural Reaction

Russell Newquist isn’t just a writer, he founded his own publishing house and took matters into his own hands. He is an author, a husband, a father and a Catholic. He practices martial arts and also finds time to write his own stories. He’s got a lot coming out in 2017, so keep an eye out for the Silver Empire. You can also follow him on Gab at

  1. So tell me a little about where and how you grew up. What was your childhood like? Where did you get your love of reading and books from?

I was born in Virginia, but we moved to north Alabama when I was seven. Huntsville was still pretty small then, and Madison (where we lived) was even smaller. I was the super nerdy kid who ended up going to some very country schools out in the county. It was rough at…

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How to Blog

My first answer to this question was simply don’t. I don’t have a satisfactory answer for why this was my first answer. I was probably wrapped up in the mindset that blogging was stupid and people who did it were self-absorbed and why on earth would you blog about your life when you could go out and live it? Now, I clearly don’t believe any of that is true (I’m making a blog and working on it right now), but that was my belief a couple of years ago. Things change, as they should.

My second answer to this question was another question: why? Even though I had accepted blogging as a thing and no longer believed it was driven by the need to talk about themselves, I didn’t understand why you would write about your life instead of live it. But I gave it some thought. It was probably like Let’s Plays, which is a thing I enjoy. And if I enjoy watching other people play video games, then I really can’t rag on someone else for reading about other people’s lives. I was starting to gather an understanding as to why the blogger was blogging though. It wasn’t about being self-absorbed or needing attention, it was an outlet. Sometimes there are just things that build and build and build and you just need to write something about it. Talking is a wishy-washy thing for me as a writer, I communicate better with written words and I always will. I completely understand that talking doesn’t help. Sometimes, you need to write everything out on the page in an angry mass or a happy mass. I could understand that. I still can.

So flash forward to today, where I’m sitting here writing my first ever blog post about blog posts and wondering what on earth I’m trying to accomplish.

And I still don’t have an answer to the title question. I’ve got some ideas. But an answer? No.

I don’t think there’s a right or a wrong way to blog. I don’t think there’s a yes or a no when it comes to blogging. It’s all about self-expression and freedom of speech. It’s talking about what’s important to you and connecting to other who also value what you value. I think that’s why blogging started. It was a group of people reaching out at the same time, wanting a connection they couldn’t find in their current life settings.

It’s one of those beautiful little things about modern day life.

I can’t say I regret not making a blog earlier, I don’t. But I don’t regret making one now. It’s going to be a bit of an adventure, and I don’t mind that. This last month has already been an adventure, but that’s a whole other topic for a whole other blog.